Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh! The Terror!

We couldn't help ourselves-we had to freak the bigger kids out on Halloween night! From the street, one would see the stone cottage with lights flickering, fog and a spooky cemetery. There is a bit of a walk up to the haunted house, many were relieved that there was no need to walk through the cemetery grounds to get to the candy. However, little did they know-they would be passing me, a VERY scary witch (see photos supplied by a welcomed guest, Miss Laurie)-I was standing so still-most thought I was some freakish prop that was incredibly lifelike! OH what fun it was to move and shrill and see them jump by the spook! The guests would then need to past a floating witch-set in a dimly lit environment and scary music dancing through the air. The path played host to mice, rats and snakes-something around each corner. My witchy sister, Karyn, played the final witch with the candy. Her face was even more treacherous than mine-so bad, it looked like she was unreal. Karyn would also wait very still until just the right moment to make the spook! Ohhhhh-the shrills and shrieks!!!

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  1. WOW!!! Felt like a Hollywood set for a horror flick. So much fun.