Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I can't help myself every year. There is something about this Halloween Holiday. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy. Well yes, CRAZY for HALLOWEEN! Friends that know me-know what I'm about during this season. Year after year my collection comes out and comes to life! Our new digs host it well-this will be the spookiest season yet. Enter if you dare trick or treater's! I must say-even I am scared!

I feel so grateful to obtain these real deal props: wrought iron fencing and enormous dead, rooted tree trunks. These items are the foundation for our cemetery. The tombstones are concrete, homemade by me-so fun to make when "there's time." These elements, plus the lighting are all weatherproof so they can be out a few weeks in advance.

For those of you who know: Scary Man Charlie (nicknamed after my brother), is up waiting to greet any "Ghoster's" that come to the front door-best to go to the side door-it's just a little bit safer over there. And make sure to look up in the lonesome window on the second floor -there is something just SOOOO SPOOKY up there!!

Check back for more coming soon!

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  1. I walked past the foyer last nite and forgot about Scary Man Charlie lurking by the door -- I was startled!