Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bulbs are coming!

Fall is approaching quickly and the leaves will be dropping off the trees. Some say that early in the fall season is better to plant bulbs. Not only is the ground soft, but the rain helps get the roots established before the cold winter. If you know me, you know that October is one busy month-maybe the busiest off all holiday seasons. So I have experienced many fall season's of planting AFTER a first frost, just before the first snow has kissed the soil. The bulbs still come up in the warm Spring!
Either way it's done, NOW is the time to have a plan and acquire the bulbs before the good one's are all gone!
Bulb planting is so much fun for the garden, because you can change it up! There is much more sun available to your landscape because the deciduous trees have lost their leaves. This is the time flowers can appear in areas of your landscape where normally nothing will grow! There are so many more varieties of the standard tulip and daffodil to choose from than one realizes.

One of my favorite Specialty bulbs is the Allium. These eyecatching balls were once traditionally purple, lilac's or blues, now come in white. I must say-the purple Gladiator still remain the biggest at 40"-50" in height with baseball size flowerheads-a real stunner! The smaller traditional Purple Sensation are more cost effective and are great for massing.
As a member of the onion family, Allium is a "flowering onion" and pests have no interest in eating the bulbs.

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